Our Brand

To understand the CSG brand, look no further than our tagline: Ideas Focused, Solutions Driven. It's our passion to develop creative ideas that we turn into powerful solutions for any business need.

We're the go-to source for companies that are serious about growth and building a consistent brand within there community. No matter what you need to reach your goals, we can provide it.

We not only create the vision and direction for the plan but our goal is to create the final product.  Our goal is to create the end result - printing your marketing materials, screenprinting or embroiderying your apparel, or building your structural sign -- our team will help you choose the materials and options!


A great idea is the foundation for a great solution.
There's a limitless number of ideas just waiting to be explored. In the concepting process, out team surrounds a conference table and shouts out ideas as they occur. At this point we discard nothing, because it's often the strange idea that becomes the winner 


We focus on ideas that are diamonds in the rough.
Next we sort through the ideas, as we put all the unfiltered things we said under intense scrutiny to see which ideas have qualities that bring them to the top. It takes time and effort and deep thinking, but we finally select several winning concepts 


An idea carefully molded becomes a perfect solution.
As we sift through the short likst of ideas with real potential, we constantly keep one thing in mind—a great idea is only great if it can work. So we begin to mold and shape these ideas to find the single one that will best solve your marketing challenge 


Only intense effort brings success.
Great ideas get crafted into breakthrough solutions by people who deeply care about the success of their clients, their co-workers, and themselves. It takes passion, committment and a strong work ethic to go the distance from rough idea to perfect ending. That's CSG