Are you ready for 2016?

It's a new year and for many businesses, it's also the start of a new marketing cycle. Here's a simple question to ask yourself: Are you ready?

I know, the answer might not be as easy but it's an important question for every company to evaluate whether or not your company has a plan for marketing. Unfortunately, many companies haphazardly attack their marketing efforts hoping that something will work, leading to better lead generation, increased ROI and ultimately sales but unfortunately the lack of a planned out marketing strategy usually leads to a disjointed effort that only costs your company money.

While there's much more to developing a strategic marketing plan than this, here's at 3 questions to start off with that might help you:

Who is our target market?
Before you can really begin to sell effectively, you need to know who it is that is buying your product or service. Asking basic demographical questions such as their age, income level, gender and even hobbies, will help you to evaluate who is really doing business with you. After you've evaluated this, you'll also want to answer whether or not this is really who it is you want to be reaching. If it is, great, your on the right path, however if it's not then you also need to evaluate who it is you want and how will you get them.

How are we going to reach them this year?
Simple answer, right? Just let them walk in off the streets or pick up a flyer in the local paper, right? Well, not necessarily. You may need to get creative with your efforts. For instance, if you believe your target market is part of a younger demographic and your investing money into newspaper advertising, you're probably using the wrong avenue to get your message across. You might want to try something different such as social media or e-mail marketing. Once you know your target market, find a friend or family member and ask them what avenues they utilize to learn about a company then ask yourself, "is my company doing that?"

How will we follow up with them?
Follow up is one of the biggest things companies overlook. They might put together a great campaign to get word out on a new product or service and may even get great results and interest but sadly, many companies fail to follow up with those newly minted contacts and miss out on great opportunities for repeat business. As human beings, we all want to be pursued by other people. Its simply in our DNA. We certainly don't want to be bothered but we do want people, and companies, to come after us. Eventually, if your company is in front of that potential consumer, they will hopefully make a purchase. Unfortunately, if you aren't following up with them, you can bet your competitor is and they are getting that new sale.


While there certainly are lots of other things that go into developing a strategic marketing plan, these 3 questions can at least get you started in the right direction. If you need more help though, give CSG a call today and we'd be happy to help you out.

Heres to a great 2016!!