If your brand could talk...

If your brand could talk, what would it’s voice sound like?

Go ahead; think about it for a minute….


OK. Now what did it sound like? Was it warm and friendly? Authoritative and professional? Perhaps it had a touch of humility in it but still sounded direct and knowledgeable.

Did it sound engaging and serious or was it more entertaining and educational?


Believe it or not, your brand does have a voice and if your not quick to identify what it sounds like then chances are others might be doing it for you. Often times, companies fail to think about the message they communicate to people through their marketing efforts and as a result it can lead to a confused constituency. While your marketing efforts may certainly vary depending on the medium your working with (ads, catalogs, online, etc.) your voice should stay consistent throughout.

In order to gain a better understanding of your brands voice you’ll want to figure out a few things

  • Know who it is your speaking to. Who’s your audience? How do they like to be spoken to? What are their needs and how would you address them?
  • Know what you’re saying. Your message should be clear and concise.  Understand what the “big picture” is your trying to communicate to your audience.
  • Know how your “speaking”. Obviously, we’re your brand “speaks” metaphorically, but if it was audible how would it come across to people? Is that the way you’d want it to?
  • Know your values and make sure they align. Your brand message should be a direct reflection of your values. If it’s not then chances are its confusing your constituency.

Getting to know your brands voice can be a tricky thing but it really is necessary to ensure that the message you send is clear, understandable and consistent with who you are as a company.