Your Journey. Our Focus

There is a college in our area who has one of the best taglines and I wish I could steal for our own company.

“Your Journey. Our Focus.”

I love it. It’s simple, straightforward and brilliant. More importantly though, it speaks directly to the people they serve. College students. If you’ve ever been through college, you know that it truly is a journey. A oft times grueling, tiring, no-end-in-sight journey that though you’re glad you started, you can’t wait to finish. Having gone through both under-grad as well as grad school myself, I know all too well what that journey is like.

While I can’t rightfully appropriate their tagline though, I can certainly take the meaning behind it and apply it to how we operate here at CSG because truthfully, we really do care about the journey that many of our clients are on.

Owning a business or managing a particular part of one is no easy task. It’s often grueling, thankless, tiring and some days you just can’t wait to be done. And unfortunately, marketing is one of those aspects that many business owners and managers simply view as a necessary evil and sadly don’t invest the time or efforts into doing it right.

I get it. I totally do. Even as I write this blog I’m thinking more about something else for a client of mine than I am about how this blog is a great marketing piece for my own company. I know I need to write it because it will be beneficial but I’d rather work on something that brings in revenue as a result of my efforts for someone else.

Recognizing that your business really is on a journey towards something else and also recognizing that marketing is probably something that you don’t really have or want the time to invest in (even though you know you need to), one of the things that CSG prides itself on is that we love to journey alongside our clients through whatever they’re working on. Whether that’s a new business card design, a corporate brochure or a long-term marketing campaign to launch a new product, we love being able to tell our clients, “we got this taken care of so you don’t have to.”

Hang out with someone from CSG long enough and I guarantee you’ll hear them use the “J-word” more than a few times because we really do want to focus on that for you because we know that you’re probably more focused on something else.

More than simply being a great tagline for a company, at CSG we really do bring that attitude to the table in every project we engage it so if you feel like perhaps you’ve lost a little bit of focus along your journey, let us know because we’d love to journey with you.