Case Studies

We've served the needs of many different companies from a wide array of industries and have been able to journey alongside many of them to help create recognizable brand identities and tackle issues they've dealt with in an effort to help the grow.

As market leaders we understand the challenges that many companies face when attempting to establish themselves and would love to help you out as well.

Winesburg Builders


Winesburg Builders had established a strong brand with many positive associations in their clients’ minds (a brand is how your customers perceive you). But they realized that their identity—logo and colors—did not match that perception. They appeared to be a smaller company, their image was dated and unsophisticated, and their colors uninspiring.

Aware of CSG’s proven branding capabilities, they approached us to give them a facelift in keeping with who they really were, and to position them for the future growth they had in mind. 

CSG kept some aspects of the old logo to provide continuity for clients—such as a squarish icon above type in all capital letters with a larger initial and ending capital letter. But everything else changed. Blue and green replaced maroon and gray to represent where they do their business—out in the open air, designing and building large apartment complexes and other massive living complexes. The W for Winesburg, became the ‘Rising W,’ a simple white line of even thickness, rising upward to indicate that they always strive to be better. A new tagline summed up what the logo implied: ‘Reaching Higher.’ The logo has the added feel of a rising sales chart, a positive connotation for clients and Winesburg alike. 

One final opportunity the new identity gives Winesburg is that it will work if they create new divisions or sister companies. The icon and Winesburg wordmark form a solid foundation for future growth, which will most certainly come for this dynamic, people-oriented company. 

Stoltzfus Outdoor Living


Known primarily as a pole barn builder and fence installer, Stoltzfus Outdoor Living had forged a solid reputation for quality and outstanding customer service. But they had a greater vision— to offer a much wider variety of outdoor products to a broader clientele. They understood that this vision for expansion needed a strong brand identity to engage customers and let them know of the big change. 

With their name already well-established and respected, Stoltzfus and CSG agreed that changing it would hinder rather than help the growth of the brand. 

But keeping the name posed some challenges in creating a new logo. The word Stoltzfus, not familiar to every potential customer, needed a typeface treatment that would help people read and pronounce it. Simple, rounded, legible letterforms were used. The entire wordmark is in lower case letters not only for readability, but to convey the relaxation of outdoor living, and the friendliness of employees. 

The icon was an even greater challenge. It needed to feel like outdoor living without specifying a particular product. The final icon was abstract, yet could be interpreted in many ways. Stoltzfus employees saw in it a bird, clouds, a grill, a flower, a rocking chair, and many other images— all having to do with the outdoors. And when it was noticed that the internal white space formed the shape of an ‘S,’ the logo was adopted with enthusiasm. 

The color palette includes green to indicate plant life, and rich blue and white to represent sky and clouds, accomplishing the identity’s mission to convey a brand selling outdoor products. 



Jonathan Woodworks was a thriving business, making and selling high quality outdoor wooden lawn furniture, arbors, bridges, wishing wells, and more, and marketing their playsets under the brand name, “Eagle.” 

Recently, they added poly furniture to their product line. They rightly understood that it should be set apart as its own brand with its own identity in order to reach a different target market. 

Like their wooden pieces, their poly line was the finest quality. However, it was mostly the same style as poly already on the market, and their variety of was limited. So Jonathan’s decided to expand their poly line, and take it to a higher level of design. 

CSG took up the challenge they presented to us: create a new name, logo and color palette that would position their poly products correctly for their target audience— middle to upper income consumers. Brainstorming a wide range of name possibilities, we presented a short list to Jonathan’s, who picked Baywind. The name was chosen because it is easy to say and remember and feels relaxing, like the poly furniture itself. 

Once the name was selected, a variety of logo designs were presented. CSG created a type-based logo containing an overlapping Y and W that can be pulled out for use as a separate icon. Soft ocean-based colors were chosen to further support the brand essence of relaxation and refreshment. 

Sterling Transfer


Sterling Transfer specializes in shipping only furniture. A relatively young company that has grown quickly from its founding, owner Dave Michler wants more than size—he wants to establish his company in clients’ minds as the number one furniture logistics firm in Ohio, Indiana, and beyond. He wanted a bold, world-class level logo to match his vision for growth. It needed to be powerful and contemporary, yet not trendy, a logo with timeless appeal that wouldn’t soon become dated. 

CSG’s approach was to create a classic icon that would never go out of fashion. After much exploration, which included obvious visual imagery such as arrows, swooshes and boxes (to indicate shipping containers), we hit on the right idea: an icon that could represent several aspects of his business in an abstract way, yet be strong even if none of those were consciously perceived by the viewer. The icon final icon achieves those goals. It can be seen as representing three things: a globe, for his far-ranging service area and world-class approach, a wheel to literally say ‘trucking logistics,’ and an intersection, the crossroads pointing in all four compass directions. 

Brilliant red orange was chosen as the color to indicate a dynamic company on the move. It makes exactly the kind of the powerful, timeless, and forward-thinking impression that Dave Michler was after.