Logo Development

A logo is a symbol, trademark, or name of a company. Logos are used to create a memorable idenitier to them when seen or talked about. As humans we find pictures to be worth a thousand words, which is exactly what a logo is for your company - it becomes the indenfier just like we remember the face of a person we meet .

The team at CSG takes the job of creating your "face" very seriously.  We take the time to learn about who you are and what your goals are.  By asking questions about your customers we can better understand what types of things will connect with them... is it fun, serious, bright, basics, or elegant.  Once we understand these things we start out by creating a lot of design ideas that may connect with them.  From this list of options we narrow it down to our top 3 choices and make tweaks until we have a winner to present to our customer.

The creation of your logo is one of the most important things in your business -- this is the face that people remember you by.