Specialty Photography

Making an emotional connection between customers and your products isn't always easy to do, espcially if you don't have the ability to place your product somewhere ideal before taking the photo.

CSG has become experts in photo digitizing and alteration so that we can take photos of your products anywhere and place them seemlessly into settings that connect well with your products and customers.


Right on the manufacturing floor...

You may not have the ability to easily transport your products to an idyllic setting before taking a photo. Whether its because the product is too large, like a shed or cabin, or you simply don't have a place to go that is perfectly suited. But you still want to make sure your product photography is professional looking and communciates well to potential and existing customers.

With minimal amount of propping and the right camera angles, we take those products and make them picture perfect.

...and into the perfect setting.

Once we've done a little bit of propping and set up the shot just right, we can take those photos just about anywhere and know that once we get them plugged into our digitizing software, we can alter them in numerous different ways to ensure that the photo comes out just right. Our graphic artists are skilled at making the final product look picture perfect by dropping those outdoor products into the woods, in a pastoral setting, next to a crystal clear lake or just about anywhere you want.

When you can't find the right space...

We understand that you may not always have access to a beautiful room that showcases your furniture perfectly and don't have the contacts available to call up and ask if you can use their home to do a photo shoot. Not to mention, doing so may be extremely costly and difficult to schedule. 

...we'll create it for you.

Knowing that moving all of those pieces to a different location can be costly and time consuming, we've mastered the art of setting up our photo shoots in such a way that we are able to easily place your products right into the perfect indoor setting. And even if you don't have the finances for elaborate and expansive props, we can handle that too.