Direct Mail

Direct mail campaigns are still an effective way of getting your message out. Whether it's an upcoming special event, a sale or your moving your business into a new area and want to let everyone know, using direct mail as an avenue for communication is a great way to let others know about your company.

Developing a Strategy Around your Mailing Campaign

Direct mail campaigns can be a great way to saturate an area with your company to let people know you're around. Unfortunately, without a good strategic plan in place, that same mailing campaign can also turn into a huge waste of money as you send mailers to places that, with a little bit more information at hand, you wouldn't have bothered with. With access to information and contact lists that can be customized to fit your businesses needs and target audineces, CSG can help you develop a strategic plan to ensure that your mailers are placed in the right hands.

Smart Target Mailing

CSG has partnered with a great company called SmartTarget Mailings to help service companies like yours get the word out that they are in the area. Saturating the area your working in not just before but also after a job is complete to let the neighbors know about your company, SmartTarget Mailings keeps people in touch with your company after youv'e left.