Signage & wraps

Recognizing the opportunity to imprint your brand and communicate your message with environmental graphics will open up a world of possibilities for you.

From electronic billboards to inventive sign treatments to full vehicle wraps, CSG can take your brand and get it moving for you.

Vinyl graphics, banners and more

If you can stick it to something or hang it from something then it makes for great brand awareness. Inexpensive and portable, vinyl decals and banners are easy things to overlook or just forget about when trying to market your company but we think that they are go-to pieces that every company should have at their disposal. Whether your handing them out at a tradeshow, during a visit to a client or hanging them up at a show or outside your office, these pieces can easily help spread the word for you.

Product Branding

You've been in this scenario: You're at a friends house admiring a piece of furniture they have or notice that beautiful piece of hardware and ask the question "Where'd you get that?" and your friend just can't remember.

Its easy for a business to spend lots of time designing, creating and marketing something to be proud of but little time and effrot goes into making sure your products a branded so that when these questions come up, it's easy to answer. CSG has ton's of experience in branding products to ensure that for years to come, when asked "Where'd you get that?" there is always an answer.