Tradeshow attendance is strong and shows no sign of abating and since four out of five attendees have purchasing authority, your chances of speaking to a potential customer are high. 

CSG understands that trade shows are a great opportunity for you to get your brand in front of new and prospective customers so we design booths and tradeshow materials that convey your brand identify effectively and draw in prospects. Looking to stand out in the room? Contact CSG today to find out what we can do to serve your needs.

Booth Design

We know that Tradeshows can be your businesses 'bread & butter' every year, bringing in tons of revenue as you strengthen current relationships and bring in new ones. The difficult thing is that with all the action taking place at a tradeshow it can be difficult to connect with everyone that walks by. At CSG we've been working the tradeshow circuit for years and no what it takes to make a booth stand out among the competition. Whether your looking for a multi-space booth that serves as a hub for action or something simple and to the point, we can help you design the perfect setting for your company

Promotional Materials

Tradeshows can be a great place to get your promotional materials into the hands of lots of people with little to no effort but it's important to get the right materials-ones that will not only stand out but also get used- so that people and other businesses will recall your business after the tradeshow is over. CSG can get you connected with the right promotional materials that will help your business be remembered.

Print Material

People attending tradeshows love to simply walk by your booth and grab anything in sight to take with them without ever stopping to talk to someone. And thats ok as long as what your getting into their hands is informative and allows them a way to connect back with you later. Designing that quick brochure, flyer or contact card is critical to getting your business recognized so that people contact you after the show.