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I recently attended a conference where I had the privilege of running the book sales table. When I arrived on the second day of the conference the book table had already been set up by someone else and I must admit that it was looking rather shabby.

There was only a single table and it had stacks upon stacks of book resting on it that potential purchasers had to wrestle the crowd to sort through.

If your brand could talk, what would it’s voice sound like?

Go ahead; think about it for a minute….


OK. Now what did it sound like? Was it warm and friendly? Authoritative and professional? Perhaps it had a touch of humility in it but still sounded direct and knowledgeable.

Did it sound engaging and serious or was it more entertaining and educational?


A business's growth and success depend on its strategic plan. Without a strategic business plan, the whims of customers and employees, the effects of legislation, and even environmental circumstances might direct the course of a company by default. It might drift in several directions at once. If no one's looking ahead and plotting a course into the future, a company could easily run aground. Many companies operate this way, dealing with problems on a daily basis, and by so doing, they're putting themselves at unnecessary risk, making themselves more vulnerable than they have to be.